A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous design prizes:

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Industrial PrizeHi Technology PrizeInterior Prize
Junior PrizeJuniors PrizeOutdoors Prize
Package PrizePrix PrizeChemical Product Prize
Industrial Product PrizeTasarim PrizeTenders Prize
Priz PrizeInnovative PrizeStudent Works Prize
Multidisciplinary PrizeYoung PrizeAdvertising Prize
Retail PrizeAnnual Awards PrizeSurmount Security Prize
Best Aircraft PrizeMagnificient PrizeFaculty Prize
For Designers PrizeChildrens' Products PrizeTop Designers Prize
Badges PrizeDesign Olympics PrizePortfolios Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeResidential Housing PrizeResearch Proposals Prize
Art Installations PrizeHospitality PrizeAcademical Prize
Medical Goods PrizeTradefair Centers PrizeTradeshow Prize
Brown Goods PrizeDictionary PrizeDictionary Prize
Design Submissions PrizeArt Gallery PrizeDistrict Prize

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