A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous design prizes:

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Competitions PrizeCompany PrizeConcept Prize
Ecological PrizePhotography PrizeReady-Made Prize
Red* Products PrizeRetail PrizeWatch Prize
Art PrizeArtist PrizeTenders Prize
User Interfaces PrizePriser PrizePackage Prize
Manufacturing Technology PrizePattern PrizeHomeware Prize
American PrizeIndustrial PrizeWebsite Prize
Advanced PrizeItalians PrizeStreet Furniture Prize
Talents PrizeGood PrizeTop Designers Prize
Design Olympics PrizeContests PrizeLeading Prize
Professional Artists PrizeChampion PrizeSports Equipment Prize
Bathroom Furniture PrizeResidency PrizeBusiness Strategy Prize
Design Weeks PrizeSafety Clothing PrizeRed Goods Prize
White Goods PrizeFuturistic PrizeInspirational Prize
Interaction Design PrizeArt Gallery PrizeExhibit Prize

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