A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added conspicuous design prizes:

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Advertisements PrizePublic Awareness PrizeCar Prize
Graphic Communication PrizePackaging PrizePerforming Arts Prize
Interior Decoration PrizeFinance PrizeLightings Prize
Medical Devices PrizePremio PrizePrix Prize
Professional PrizeSponsoring PrizeToys Prize
Transportation PrizeArchitects PrizeUser Interfaces Prize
Museum PrizeStudent Works PrizeArtistic Prize
Icon PrizeVehicle PrizePerfect Prize
Advanced PrizeGreatest Design Works PrizeDesign Olympics Prize
Top Designers PrizeProfessional Designers PrizeBest Landscape Prize
Creative Talents PrizeCorporate Plans PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse Prize
Jewelry PrizeEyewear PrizeArt Goods Prize
Cookware PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeHospitality Prize
Convention Centers PrizeDesign Photography PrizeRed Goods Prize
Design for Future PrizeDigital Devices PrizeArt Gallery Prize

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